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Poem for Newroz: The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame

The flame of Newroz is forever burning bright,

Many may have tried but none succeeded in stealing our heart and pride,

Our desire, our yearning, our quest for freedom, knows no bound,

For whenever our adversaries have tried and denied, a Kurdish saviour has always been found,

Callously and cruelly they did strive, yet the beauty of our souls was our only crime,

As a New Day is proclaimed, the breeze of spring will mark our new place in time,

For even a thousand years later, the eternal flame of our martyrs will always shine,

Our resolve is undiminished, our courage divine, this passion remains perpetually sublime,

As the spring equinox flourishes, a new dawn is upon us and a new age arrives

Where we proudly proclaim we are free, for the valour of our heroes we will always survive

First Published On: Kurdish Globe

Other Publication Sources: Peyamner, Various Misc.