Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel, as an experienced writer and analyst has written a range of articles pertinent to the Middle East, particularly on the Kurds, Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

The last few years, have proved as volatile and controversial as ever, to the already plagued and fragmented Middle Eastern political and socialist horizon. Long the cradle of civilisation, the natural riches and diversity of the wonders of these lands, have also set the stage for much bloodshed, massacres, invasions and the sinful qualities of man.

Bashdar has paid particular focus on Iraq in the post Saddam Hussein era and on its rocky transitional road to democracy. The articles have studied the conspicuous and fragmented ethnic mosaic and goals and demands of each group as Iraq has struggled to put down raging sectarian fires and remain intact.

Kurdish national renaissance in the tumultuous Middle East as the Kurds enjoy increasing strategic importance underscored by new oil riches and a booming economy.

The growing strategic, economic and political ties between one-time foes, Erbil and Ankara.

US foreign policy in Middle East, both past and present.

Kurdish oil contracts, hydrocarbon law and cutting of the remaining umbilical cord of Baghdad by increasing self-sufficiency that will propel the Kurds to independence.

The Syrian civil war and the regional and sectarian ramifications. The rise of the Syrian Kurds and their newfound autonomy.

The elusive Turkish peace process with the long disenfranchised Kurdish population.

The rapid erosion of the Sykes-Picot Middle Eastern borders as conflicts, sects and ethnicities increasingly merge across borders.