About Me

Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel is an experienced Middle Eastern writer and analyst, whose primary focus and expertise is on the Kurds, Iraq, Turkey and Middle Eastern current affairs.

His work has previously appeared in, among others, Asharq al-Awsat (London), BBC News Service, Washington Examiner, Asian Times, Kurdish Globe, The Epoch Times, Asia News and The Daily Star (Lebanon), al-Arabiya KurdishMedia, eKurd.net  and OnlineOpinion. He has achieved seminar recommended readings for Le High University (Pennsylvania) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work has been republished extensively elsewhere on the Internet.

Bashdar is also staff writer and on the editorial board of the Kurdish Globe – the first and only English language weekly in Iraq.

The main focus of his writing is to promote peace, justice and increase awareness of the diversity, suffering and at times explosive mix in Iraq and the Middle East.

Bashdar has excellent historical, socio-political and economical knowledge, is a wide traveller and has experience of a wide range of countries and cultures. Academically, he obtained First class Bachelor of Science degree honours from a top university in London.